General Rules

Sister Savio Public School, Kallara

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General Rules

  • Pupils not in uniform will not be considered properly dressed for the school. Hence they will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Cleanlines in person and dress should be highly observed. Biiks should be kept neat and tidy.
  • Valuable ornaments (gold, silver etc.) should not be worn in the school.
  • Pupils should obey the teachers and school authorities. They are required to go the instructions given by them from time to time.
  • When a pupil requires leave from the class the parent should apply to the class teacher and permissions should be obtained. In the case of emergency or sudden illness the pupils should bring the leave letter signed by their parents. the next working day.
  • Continues absence for 15 days without leave will cause the removal of the pupil's name from the school register. In such cases they can be re-admitted only after the payment of admission fee and other miscellaneous fees. Readmission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The school authorities will full discretion in this matter.
  • Promotion will be granted or dennied on the basis of marks obtained in the examinations.
  • Pupils are required to appear for all the examinations and unit tests. If a pupil is not able to attend any of the examinations the parent shall produce a leave letter stating the reason. No re-exam will be conducted and the marks of other examinations will be considered for promoting the pupil to the next standard.
  • If any school equipment or belongings of other pupils are destroyed or damaged by the pupil she / he will have to make good of it.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work, dishonesty, obse\cenity in word or act, serious misconduct or threats inside or outside the school may cause the dismissal of the pupil.
  • Pupils are not allowed to enter other classrooms at any time.
  • All students must speak English in the school.
  • Running playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is never allowed.
  • Parents are requested not to disturb the school staff with any problem except during the office time.
  • Parents / Guardians are always welcome to meet the principal from 10.00 a.m to 1 p.m. on working days.


  • Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. For this an atmosphere of silence must be maintained by everyone during working hours in class-rooms, staffrooms and office. Thus everyone should contribute to maintain an excellence of standards in everything.
  • At the second bell, both students and staff shall assemble in the assembly ground of the school in the class order. On dispersal the students move to their own classrooms in perfect order, with their respective class teachers.
  • Students shall not leave their classrooms during or in between two periods, but remain silent and prepare for the next period. When they are taken out to the library, laboratory or the playgrounds, they have to move in lines keeping to the left side of corridors.

School Uniform

Uniform for Girls

  • Sky blue tunic, White and skyblue lines sleeves, shirt, School belt and tie, White hairband or white ribbon must be worn with uniform.
  • On Fridays grey colour skirt and pink T-shirt.
  • Short hair must be pinned neatly.

Uniform for Boys

  • Sky blue shorts, sky blue and white lines half sleeves shirt, School belt and tie, black shoe, boys must have their hair cut short and combed.
  • Nails must be properly cut.
  • On Fridays grey colour shorts and pink T-Shirt.
  • On Wednesdays any colour dress can be worn.

To the Parents & Guardians

  • The Principal /Headmistress has the right to say on what conditions he /she admit or retain a pupil in the school.
  • Strict regularity and implicit obedience in class will be expected from the pupil.
  • Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil will invite disciplinary action.
  • Politeness, courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanlines in dress and person is expected from every pupil.
  • No child suffering from any contageous or infectious diseas shall be permitted to attend the classes.
  • Parents and guardians are not allowed to see their children or meet the teachers during school hours.
  • The parents and guardians are requested to look into the following matters.
    • Sending the children to school regularly and on time.
    • Encouraging them to do their home assignments.
    • Helping them to study their lessons daily at home.
    • Promotion of reading habit and extracurricular activities.
    • Cultivating the habit of friendship, love, social concern and general awarness in children.
  • Each pupil is responsible for his/her belongings such as books, money, umbrella, tiffin carrier etc. They are ad¬vised to bring their books etc., securely placed in a bag. They are advised not to bring any valuable article which they are unable to take care of.
  • Under no circumstances any fee paid to the school will be refunded. I hereby undertake to abide by the above rules and regulations.